About Us

Founded in 1996, through the efforts of Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky, the Interfaith Counseling Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit ministry seeking to express the love of God through excellent, high-quality counseling and education that facilitates wellness and healthy relationships.

The Center’s white building, originally built as a home in 1910, has been refurbished as a counseling center with convenient parking lots on each side.

Our Services

Life can be hard and leave you feeling overwhelmed with sadness, worry, anger, and confusion. You may not know what to do or to whom to turn.

Please know that you can turn with confidence to the Interfaith Counseling Center. Our professional counselors will help you sort through your feelings, heal from your hurts, and learn healthy ways of relating to people, coping with stress and dealing with difficult situations.

Our skilled staff helps hurting people who, perhaps like you, are experiencing:
  • Deep sadness and hopelessness
  • Overwhelming stress and worry
  • Troubling, persistent thoughts
  • Marriage concerns, such as:
    • Constant bickering
    • Poor communication
    • Sexual issues
  • Career dissatisfaction or transition
  • Painful marital separation or divorce
  • Frustration with parenting and step-parenting
  • Challenging addictions
  • Loss of faith or anger toward God
  • Clergy burnout and congregational concerns
Our trained counselors also provide:
  • Premarital counseling
  • Spiritual direction
  • Workshops/presentations on marriage, handling stress, depression, parenting, divorce recovery, etc.
The Interfaith Counseling Center staff are professional counselors who:
  • Are accredited or licensed by state or national agencies.
  • Practice according to their accrediting or licensing agencies’ ethical guidelines.
  • Respect your faith heritage and religious practices.
  • Incorporate your faith resources into treatment (at your request).

A counselor will return your call to personally answer questions about counseling and discuss appointment times, fees, etc.  Call 859.258.2060 to request a call.